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Joanne Bowen

My Name is Joanne Bowen and I have been a member of the Friendly Gym for the last 3 months.

I have spoken to you briefly in the past about how Friendly Gym has completely changed my life.

I have Fibromyalgia and was on morphine for pain and was unable to walk more than 100 yards without being in severe pain all over my body. I could only work 10 hours per week as anymore was just too much for me.

Within a couple of weeks of joining the Friendly Gym my whole life has changed, I have now stopped taking morphine, I am able to walk a lot further and I have more energy. I can't believe how a simple half hour workout has dramatically improved my condition.

Carole, Aged 58

I have lost over 40 inches and over 3 stone, I have greatly benefitted from Friendly Gym and feel younger and fitter. Thank you. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Carole, Aged 58

“I have lost over 40 inches and more than 3 stone, and I feel younger and fitter.” - Thank you Friendly Gym

Avis, Aged 63

I am noticeably stronger and can get up the hills easier. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Barbara, Aged 64

I feel a lot more positive about myself and have lost weight and inches, and have benefited both physically and mentally since joining Friendly Gym


I have a lot more energy than I did before joining the Friendly Gym (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Jennifer, Aged 78

Arms and legs seem stronger; mobility improved can walk 4 miles with ease, a very nice friendly atmosphere in the club.

Rita, Aged 50

I am always welcomed and well looked after by the staff. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Rosemary, Aged 61

Very much fitter and have lost 7 inches so far. It's a very enjoyable place to exercise the gym is very well run. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Kathleen, Aged 74

Much more mobile and I am more upright and also walking better. I am very pleased with the results. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Hilary, Aged 67

I feel more mobile and have lost 10 inches, I feel a lot better for joining. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Wendy, Aged 53

It's the best thing that's happened for women of all ages. The staff are all brilliant and it's great to meet new ladies . . . well done. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Deborah, Aged 21

I have found going to the centre great, very easy, not time consuming, nice to have a good chat. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 16 and I am still losing. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Catherine, Aged 45

Since joining I have lost 25 inches and have made some really good friends. We have managed to help motivate each other, the staff are out standing as they are always there to offer advice as well as a good giggle. (which is what we all need). (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Mandy, Aged 37

Much fitter, toning up incredibly, have lost weight whilst not dieting, cant believe the difference, didn't expect it to work as well and enjoy it at the same time. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Ethel, Aged 78

The staff make exercise a most enjoyable experience. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Jennifer, Aged 60

More toned, definitely fitter, now in a smaller dress size, no more cramp at night. Hopefully loss of weight and inches will reduce my blood pressure. Thank you for making it a pleasure. (Northwich Friendly Gym)

Monica, Aged 61

Friendly Gym keeps me going. When I can't do it I really stiffen up and feel really sluggish. I really enjoy the sessions; the people are wonderful, staff and clients alike. The easy guides are very friendly, I have made a lot of new friends, which has helped me to get back on the social ladder, not to mention the good days out the club has organised. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Moira, Aged 59

I get less puffed when walking up hills. I am much more mobile and less stiff in the morning. Friendly Gym has really given me a kick-start. I am now fitter and weigh less. The staff are really supportive and encouraging even about relatively small improvements. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Audrey, Aged 62

Friendly Gym motivates me and I enjoy my visits and have loads more energy. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Joyce, Aged 76

My knee is less painful and more flexible. I can walk easier and have lost 8 inches overall. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Clare, Aged 34

Yes it really works, I've lost over 20 inches and over a stone in weight. I love the regular assessments you get as it shows how you have improved. It's quick, it's easy and has given me bags of energy. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Elizabeth, Aged 61

I feel much fitter and the programme has lowered my blood pressure and my joints are more mobile and I have lost 14 and three quarter inches. I love coming to easy exercise and meeting new people. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)


I am defiantly more toned, I now have some tummy muscles and tighter thigh muscles have helped my arthritic knee. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Jacqueline, Aged 61

The exercise has improved mobility in my right hip, which is pinned. I enjoy going to the centre, I have more energy. To strengthen my arms and legs and to get fit is more important to me than weight loss. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Tina, Aged 49 (MS sufferer)

The assisted exercise equipment has enabled me to balance and move better, I am also stronger and when my MS isn't playing up I can actually jump. Friendly is a totally social exercise, a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere, thank you ladies. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Margaret, Aged 80

I am definitely fitter and more toned and it's good to be able to exercise without putting strain on my lame leg. Staff all very pleasant, helpful and cheerful, making it a nice experience. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Peggy, Aged 69

The easy 30-minute programme is just right I can now climb the stairs without getting out of breath, I feel more energised to work after exercising, whereas at a normal gym you can feel washed out, the Friendly Gym is also a good place to socialise. The guides are very friendly and helpful and give encouragement, which helps me to keep attending. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Helene, Aged 78

I get on and off the machines with great ease, my back and hip feel better and I find the Friendly Gym a good discipline and hope to get my legs stronger and lose some weight. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Sylvia, Aged 54

I feel better, the Friendly Gym has helped ease the arthritis in my joints, I have also lost 8 inches. Will definitely be re-enrolling again. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Rachel, Aged 41

I feel much fitter and more toned. Have fewer problems with left hip and shoulder. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Corry, Aged 57

I would absolutely recommend Friendly Gym to anyone. Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Nice to see the result, the assisted exercise programme has also helped to lower my blood pressure. Its never to late to hold back the years. Best birthday present I ever gave myself when I joined. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Janet, Aged 52

I really enjoy coming to the Friendly Gym, it never feels like a chore, it's something I really enjoy and not something I do because I think I should. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Stephanie, Aged 46

I suffer with a bad back and stiff joints and all feel so much easier. I have lost 43 inches, I really love going to the Friendly Gym, I try to go every day. I have just had to have a month off following surgery but I cannot wait to return, everyone is so friendly, you don't realise you are getting fit whilst enjoying yourself. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Pam, Aged 44

I am pleased with the results; I have become much fitter and toned and have made lots of new friends. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Florence, Aged 76

I feel fitter and more lively, the programme has reduced my blood pressure and the pain in my neck and shoulders has eased. I have lost 4 inches from my waist and 6 inches from my stomach and lost a stone in weight. I can walk faster and have more energy. There is more expansion in my lungs, which is great for my asthma. It a well run centre all the ladies are friendly its like a female club where you meet friends and reduce stress. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Susan, Aged 57

My body shape is changing, my waist is trying to make a come back. I have lost a stone and have more stamina also sleeping better. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Jan, Aged 64

I am able to move faster, my knee no longer gives me pain. Assisted exercise is a great way to exercise that benefits older members who should take regular exercise who like me, have had a heart attack and diabetes can exercise without feeling intimidated. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Pauline, Aged 49

I have lost 11 inches since attending the Friendly Gym and I am now a lot fitter and toned. I always look forward to my exercise each day. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Josephine, Aged 60

Lost 18 inches and 11 pounds. When I went to my sons wedding I was able to dance all night. the staff are most friendly and helpful, its great that its just for ladies. People like me don't like an audience. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Anita, Aged 35

All the staff are lovely, very friendly relaxed atmosphere, love the 30 minute workout (time being a limiting factor for me). Really enjoy using the easy equipment, really does make exercise easy and keeping fit fun. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Beryl, Aged 65

Easy to use, so I am getting fitter, flexible and more mobile. I am able to walk better. I have found the Friendly Gym to be not only beneficial to my fitness, but due to the friendliness of the staff and other members it has made my medical problems much more bearable and am able to accept and cope better with my condition. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Michelle, Aged 34

Easy motorised type of exercise suits me, I've lost weight and inches and would recommend easy to anyone. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Judith, Aged 65

I have lost weight and inches and I am not as breathless when walking. My blood pressure has dropped and if it continues to stay at the lower level my doctor said he may reduce the medication. My joints are not as stiff and my energy levels have improved. (Lytham ladies only Easy exercise Gym)

Judith, Aged 60

It is the perfect exercise for me, I used to hate the time it took to go to a normal gym, get changed, wait for equipment to exercise, and then get changed again. At Friendly I'm in, done and out in only 30 minutes. Good company, great atmosphere, I can work as hard and have as many visits as I want, what could be easier? (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Katherine, Aged 49

I suffer with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis and find normal exercise difficult. The Friendly Gym is ideal, I can now walk further, sleep better and have reduced the number of physio appointments. It has also helped my muscles and circulation immensely and I would recommend it to anyone. (Northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)

Rose, Aged 48

I am more energetic and more agile and enjoy the company of other exercisers in a very enjoyable atmosphere. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Hazel, Aged 58

Lost 23 inches and 1 stone, I find I can do everything better and have got more energy. My stomach condition has been a lot better and I have been able to drop of my tablets. My hip and knees are not as painful. All the Friendly staff are great. (Lytham ladies only Friendly Gym)

Margaret, Aged 66

Definitely feel fitter and more toned, I have lost 15 inches and I haven't had any backache for ages and my ankles aren't as painful as before. (northwich ladies only Friendly Gym)